2812, 2015

Two Cheers for Proposition 42

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I know that swearing is a bad thing. But when I hit a pothole and my green Camry shutters in the shock, I grip the wheel even tighter and listen for the telltale hissing sound of a flat tire. At that point, my stoic demeanor momentarily fades and I blurt out a few choice words […]

1412, 2015

Bold Solutions for California

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“It is not my intention to do away with government.  It is rather to make it work – work with us, not over us, and stand by our side, not ride our back.”

1411, 2009

State Must Change Thinking on “Telework”

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California is known worldwide as a place where entrepreneurs can thrive from the creation of green technologies and also re-inventing the workplace itself.

Innovative business leaders have put this all together by giving employees the option to “telework” – in other words, work from home a few days a week using advanced technologies.

Unfortunately, California’s state government […]