201, 2016

A Tax Cut for Movie Moguls

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With my feet firmly in place, courtesy of the sticky soda-coated floor, the lights in the local movie theater dimmed and I began my struggle with the chewy candy in my mouth that had, like Super-Glue, latched firmly onto my teeth. I began to wonder what would make an otherwise sane man spend upwards of […]

2912, 2015

Nanny and Soda Tax

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Have you ever looked closely at the list of ingredients on the back of a soda can? I am holding up my Kiwi-Apple Natural Hansen’s Soda in the light and discovering all kinds of new things.

The good news is that there are no preservatives, sodium or caffeine. The bad news is that this so-called “natural […]

2412, 2015

Taxing Poor Richard

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In 1733, a little known printer named Benjamin Franklin published the first edition of Poor Richards Almanac. For the next twenty-six years, Franklin’s fictional compiler of the annual almanac, one Richard Sanders, a supposed mathematician and stargazer, filled in the blank spaces between calendar dates with witty proverbs about the virtues of hard work, prudence, […]