Fire Safety

2606, 2017

Placer’s Energy Future

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The Golden State Warriors with their lightening passes, 3-pointers from the other side of the moon and tenacious defense clobbered the Cavs to win the NBA Basketball Championship. It’s exciting to watch a team perform at the top of their game.

In the public policy arena, the stakes are higher. We need our local elected officials […]

2312, 2015

The Biomass Imperative and God Art

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As I sit down to write this column from my perch overlooking the American River Canyon my eyes slowly move from the rolling green hills of pine and oak, to the low meandering clouds that gently cut a thousand invisible trails in the sky, top the bright reflective lights of the snow-capped Sierra Mountains. I […]

1311, 2014

Firestorms, Policy and the Big Mo

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Watching the devastating impacts on human beings as the Sand Fire swept through the borderlands of Amador and El Dorado counties, it reminded me that momentum is a powerful force in both nature and the creation of public policy. For instance, there is a scientific phenomenon called a firestorm. A firestorm occurs when the fire […]

101, 2011

Preparing for the Inevitable

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“Wildfire in the City of Auburn is inevitable. It is just a matter of when.” That’s the first key assumption in the “2009-2010 Strategic Plan to Aid in the Prevention of Catastrophic Wildfire in the City of Auburn.” In the spring and summer months, dry grass, brush, and oak and pine trees surround homes and […]

101, 2011

The Fire Next Time

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A key obstacle that blocks the implementation of public policies designed to prevent catastrophic fires, save lives and homes and enhance the health of our forestlands is the race of time. How public officials and firefighting agencies react in the aftermath of the devastating 49er Fire in North Auburn, which destroyed 63 homes, three businesses […]

2205, 2010

A big thanks to Project Canyon Safe volunteers

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I want to express my deep-felt gratitude to the 114 individuals who got up early last Saturday morning, worked hard all day, and made the brush and wood fuel clearing project at the end of Robie Drive a huge success.

I initially hoped that our team, consisting mainly of volunteers, would be able to cut and […]

2005, 2010

Think inside the tinderbox

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The Auburn Journal editorial, “2010: Let’s get back to basics” (Jan. 3), noted in reference to the devastating 49 Fire, “If area residents had known what could have happened when hot, dry, windy conditions met a spark last Aug. 30, they would have cleared the dry brush and scrub oak off Highway 49 near Bell […]

103, 2010

Catastrophic Wildfire and the Cooperative Solution

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Your editorial, “2010: Let’s Get Back to Basics” (1/3/10), noted that the “horrific 49 Fire reminded us what can happen when fire, wind and drought conditions mix” and that working to prevent a catastrophic fire in the American River Canyon is a key public safety challenge for city officials and Auburn residents. The canyon is […]