2606, 2017

Placer’s Energy Future

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The Golden State Warriors with their lightening passes, 3-pointers from the other side of the moon and tenacious defense clobbered the Cavs to win the NBA Basketball Championship. It’s exciting to watch a team perform at the top of their game.

In the public policy arena, the stakes are higher. We need our local elected officials […]

411, 2011

Hands Off Placer’s Water

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The California Legislature and an out-of-control state agency called the Delta Stewardship Council are working feverishly to take our county’s water, our money and our ability to create new jobs, electrical power, prosperous farms, ranches and abundant fisheries and recreational opportunities. Placer County residents and those living in the threatened Mother Lode and Sierra Nevada […]

1411, 2009

Placer County Powers Up

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My wife and I, like other homeowners, have often thought about making significant investments in the construction of renewable energy and water conservation improvements to our home. Federal and state tax credits make this large up-front investment somewhat more affordable. Lower energy and water bills will eventually exceed the up-front and maintenance costs of the […]