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Kevin Hanley is a former naval officer, Mayor, Governor's Insurance Advisor, Chief Insurance and Health Policy Consultant in the California Legislature and CEO of the Auburn Chamber of Commerce.
1311, 2014

Building a Dynamic Auburn

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It was 7:40 am, a little too bright and early, last Sunday when I parked my car near St. Luke’s Church and heard from the interior of 1937 Historic City Hall at Central Square the sweat sound of table saws buzzing and the pop-pop-pop of the nail and screw guns. As I put on […]

1311, 2014

Auburn’s Capitol Battle

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Looks can be deceiving. Almost two thousand years ago, as the gladiator entered the arena of the Roman Coliseum, it must have been quite a sight as 80,000 cheering Romans impatiently waited for the next bloody battle. The Emperor had promised bread and circuses. But the gladiator didn’t have much time to […]

1311, 2014

The Battle for the Common Good

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In early 1776, as tensions between the British Empire and the American colonies heated up, the North Carolina Provincial Congress formally asked John Adams of Boston his advice on creating a new government and crafting a constitution. Adams responded by writing a book, Thoughts on Government. Adams wrote, “Government is instituted for the […]

1311, 2014

Annexation and Deja Vu

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Yogi Berra makes me laugh and think. He said, “Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.” “When you arrive at a fork in the road, take it.” And, “a nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore.”

When I read in these pages, leaders and commentators urging the City of Auburn […]

1311, 2014

Steering Auburn toward 2020

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Typhoons, whether real or if we think of them in a metaphoric sense, can suddenly and unexpectedly alter history and our lives. First, let’s consider the real thing. In December 1944, uppermost in Admiral “Bud” Halsey’s mind, as he directed the aircraft carriers, cruisers and destroyers of Task Force 38 near Luzon off […]

2805, 2012

Remembering Auburn’s Fallen Heroes

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By Auburn Mayor Kevin Hanley
Memorial Day, May 28 2012
New Auburn Cemetery
149 years ago, President Lincoln dedicated a portion of the battlefield at Gettysburg as a final resting place for those who “gave their lives that the nation might live.”

President Lincoln challenged all future generations of Americans to remember the honored dead and to […]

2205, 2012

To the Graduates of Placer School for Adults

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By Mayor Kevin Hanley
Placer High School Auditorium, May 22, 2012
It’s my honor to be here to congratulate 2012 graduates of the Placer School for Adults.

I always enjoy this time of year because all around the country commencement speakers try to convey a few pearls of wisdom to the graduating students. The late Steve Jobs, the […]

411, 2011

Hands Off Placer’s Water

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The California Legislature and an out-of-control state agency called the Delta Stewardship Council are working feverishly to take our county’s water, our money and our ability to create new jobs, electrical power, prosperous farms, ranches and abundant fisheries and recreational opportunities. Placer County residents and those living in the threatened Mother Lode and Sierra Nevada […]

101, 2011

Preparing for the Inevitable

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“Wildfire in the City of Auburn is inevitable. It is just a matter of when.” That’s the first key assumption in the “2009-2010 Strategic Plan to Aid in the Prevention of Catastrophic Wildfire in the City of Auburn.” In the spring and summer months, dry grass, brush, and oak and pine trees surround homes and […]

101, 2011

The Fire Next Time

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A key obstacle that blocks the implementation of public policies designed to prevent catastrophic fires, save lives and homes and enhance the health of our forestlands is the race of time. How public officials and firefighting agencies react in the aftermath of the devastating 49er Fire in North Auburn, which destroyed 63 homes, three businesses […]