Taxing Poor Richard

In 1733, a little known printer named Benjamin Franklin published the first edition of Poor Richards Almanac. For the next twenty-six years, Franklin’s fictional compiler of the annual almanac, one Richard Sanders, a supposed mathematician and stargazer, filled in the blank spaces between calendar dates with witty proverbs about the virtues of hard work, prudence, diligence, good management and thrift. […]

David, Goliath and the Local Sales Tax Battle

 We are in trouble and I think more and more of us are beginning to realize it. I attended two community meetings last week in Auburn and at both meetings people wanted to talk about Assembly Bill 680 (Steinberg) despite the fact that it wasn’t on anyone’s official agenda. AB 680, authored by Assemblyman Steinberg (D-Sacramento), one of the most […]

The Biomass Imperative and God Art

As I sit down to write this column from my perch overlooking the American River Canyon my eyes slowly move from the rolling green hills of pine and oak, to the low meandering clouds that gently cut a thousand invisible trails in the sky, top the bright reflective lights of the snow-capped Sierra Mountains. I marvel at what my wife […]

Great Teachers and the Credentials Trap

Who is Eugene W. Hickok and why is he telling school administrators in Auburn and throughout the nation who they can and cannot hire as teachers? Mr. Hickok is a federal Undersecretary in the Department of Education and he is probably right now sitting at a big brown desk in a big brown building somewhere in the hermetically-sealed Beltway sending […]

Capitol Resolutions

Is there still time to make a New Year’s resolution? Yes, I know that it’s a couple of days past the midnight revelry of the 31st and the general rule is to make great promises to the universe on New Year’s Eve with a glass of champagne (opps! With apologies to the French, that should be “Sparkling Wine”) while, at […]

Putting Telemarkers on Hold

Sometimes life can get a little irritating. Like when you find out that the traffic jam that you’ve been struck in for at least 45 minutes was caused by rubbernecking drivers who seem to be intensely interested in the guy on the side of the road who is innocently changing his flat fire. I can understand a little rubbernecking when […]