A Tax Cut for Movie Moguls

With my feet firmly in place, courtesy of the sticky soda-coated floor, the lights in the local movie theater dimmed and I began my struggle with the chewy candy in my mouth that had, like Super-Glue, latched firmly onto my teeth. I began to wonder what would make an otherwise sane man spend upwards of $3 for a small box […]

Deliberative Democracy Held Hostage

Last Wednesday, it was about 8:50 in the morning when I started to walk across the street from my office to the State Capitol. The Assembly Insurance Committee was scheduled to meet at 9 o’clock that morning to deliberate and take action on five bills related to workers’ compensation, disability benefits and annuities. My job was to give Republican legislators […]

The State Knows Best

 When I was a kid, we used to walk through groves of giant eucalyptus trees on the way to Stanford football stadium. When we got to the stadium, we picked up a football program, which was full of pictures of the star players and statistics about the opposing teams. On the front cover of the program was the ubiquitous symbol […]

The Pursuit of DNA and Truth

Even columnists have heroes. Of course, we don’t demand that our heroes do really hard stuff like courageously rushing a well-defended machine gun next or throwing down the throttle on the X-15, climbing to the very edge of Heaven, and breaking the sound barrier. Being a sometimes cerebral and self-centered lot, the pundit guild will elevate any guy or gal […]

Holding Senior Citizens Hostage

With the conclusion of “March Madness,” I pretty much proved that I don’t know a thing about college basketball. In the office pool, I staked $5 on the favorite, Duke University, to win the NCAA basketball tournament. Duke got beat early and the players went home to cram for final exams. The University of Maryland went on to stomp the […]

Armed with Civic Skills

 On April 19, 1836, sixty years after the Battle of Lexington and Concord, the first battle of the American Revolutionary War, local citizens gathered together to dedicate a monument to remember what the brave Minutemen did at Lexington Green and the Concord North Bridge. The voices of the local citizens and a few aging patriots rang out as they sang […]