Local Government

2312, 2015

David, Goliath and the Local Sales Tax Battle

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 We are in trouble and I think more and more of us are beginning to realize it. I attended two community meetings last week in Auburn and at both meetings people wanted to talk about Assembly Bill 680 (Steinberg) despite the fact that it wasn’t on anyone’s official agenda. AB 680, authored by Assemblyman Steinberg […]

1912, 2015

The Rising Cost of Good Government

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Reading SB 331 (Mendoza), I was reminded of the proverb made famous by playwright Clare Booth Luce, “No good dead goes unpunished.”  SB 331 would significantly increase the costs of providing vital services to residents to punish any local government that had the temerity of enacting an ordinance that discloses to the public the provisions […]

1411, 2009

Home Rule for Auburn

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Should city leaders and residents work together to provide more local autonomy for Auburn and an increased level of municipal services for residents? Should we help ensure that volunteer community projects continue to go forward in our town into the future? Converting Auburn from a “general law city” to a “charter city” provides that opportunity.

Auburn, […]